May 7, 2024
Great teachers are a gift: Jill Anderson and Jon Eckert

In this episode we flip the script and Jill Anderson interviews Dr. Jon Eckert. They engage in conversation about the profound impact of educators and the importance of recognizing their contributions. Jon tells us inspiring anecdotes of teachers who have made a lasting difference in students' lives, reflecting on the transformative power of kindness and support in education. He even recounts a personal experience from his own schooling, to emphasize the enduring influence of a compassionate teacher.

Apr. 23, 2024
Passion for Learning: Krystle Moos

Krystle emphasizes the importance of addressing distractions and creating a sense of belonging in the classroom, regardless of the evolving landscape of technology. She shares her strategy of making science hands-on and exploratory, moving away from traditional labs towards phenomenon-based learning to spark wonder and curiosity in her students.

Apr. 15, 2024
The Well-Being Myth: Darren + Beck Iselin

Jon interviews two guests from Australia, Darren Iselin and his daughter Beck, about the concept of wellbeing in schools. Beck, a teacher, discusses the increase in mental health issues among her students, such as anxiety and depression, as well as the rise in neurodivergent behaviors. She also shares her observations about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student wellbeing. The conversation highlights the importance of relationships, trust, and cultural norms in fostering student wellbeing and flourishing. They conclude by expressing their hopes for the future of education, including a focus on connection and a joyful hope for student flourishing.

Mar. 26, 2024
Educational Pluralism for the Common Good: Deani Van Pelt

They discuss trends in education, including increased parental engagement and the growth of alternative forms of education. They also touch on the work of Cardus, a think tank focused on education for the common good, and the importance of using industry best practices in education. Van Pelt highlights the ideas of Charlotte Mason, an educator from the early 20th century, who emphasized the importance of relationships and the development of the whole person in education.

Mar. 12, 2024
Executive Functions for Each Student: Mitch Weathers

Mitch Weathers, the founder of Organized Binder, discusses his work and the importance of teaching executive functioning skills in schools. He explains that his program, Organized Binder, helps students develop organization and executive functioning skills, which are crucial for academic success. Weathers emphasizes the need for explicit instruction and modeling of these skills, as well as the importance of creating safe and predictable learning environments.

Feb. 27, 2024
Invitation to Leadership: John Walker

John shares his nontraditional journey into education, emphasizing the importance of building a supportive community of leaders around him, and we delve into the challenges he faces as a school leader and how he leads with vulnerability, inviting others into messy conversations to solve problems and make decisions.

Feb. 13, 2024
Failing Well: Lauren Houser

Lauren shares her journey from unexpected twists, like taking a year off after graduation, to finding her true calling in education. We also dive deep into topics like the power of building relationships through looping (did you know Finland does it for up to six years?), the importance of failing forward in education, and how to lead well even when values clash. Plus, we even explore Lauren's unique perspective on discipline as the "playground of life" and why creating a culture of trust is at the heart of overcoming challenges.


Jan. 30, 2024
Lessons from New Zealand: Shaun Brooker

Listen in as we explore Shaun's journey into education, driven by his experiences at youth camps and his love for motivating students to push their limits. Shaun sheds light on his role in developing user-friendly systems for teachers, emphasizing the importance of meaningful engagement over mere busy work.

Jan. 16, 2024
Seeing Whole People: Matt Hazenberg and Eric Bulthuis

In this engaging conversation, we explore their unique approaches to creating a vibrant school culture, from multicultural clubs to innovative events like multicultural weeks. Matt, the Vice Principal and International Student Coordinator at Woodland Christian High School, shares his insights into redefining the narrative around international students, emphasizing the importance of fostering genuine relationships and a sense of belonging. Meanwhile, Eric, Athletic Director and teacher at King's Christian Collegiate, sheds light on the collective efforts to prioritize student well-being, especially in the post-pandemic landscape.

Jan. 2, 2024
Fun in 2024: Erik Ellefsen

We discuss the transformative power of engagement and how it resonates through the pages of my book Just Teaching, and we enthuse over a favorite school visit featuring fifth graders in England joyfully embracing hands-on learning despite the constant rain. As we look ahead to 2024, we ponder the importance of becoming more human in our work, emphasizing the value of genuine connection and collaboration in an era dominated by technological advancements.