Baylor Center for School Leadership

Building Better Schools by Doing Better Work, Together

Baylor’s Center for School Leadership strives to be the most influential leadership catalyst for educators in the world.

The BCSL prepares educators to live out Micah 6:8, to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly” with God by equipping Christian leaders to help students become all they were created to be as together we reflect God’s glory. Because our foundation is in Christ, our work exists to nourish and equip the leaders we serve so they can in turn, serve students well.

Join us as we partner with the strongest schools around the country to work on improvement that produces the best outcomes for students, teachers, and schools.

The BCSL helped me grow professionally by linking arms with outstanding Christian educators across the country. The work we did energized my team and affirmed that we are on the right path.

Karla Lowe
Elementary Principal, Des Moines Christian School, Des Moines, IA

I will put in my recommendation that the VLA will be well worth your time. Very practical sessions that will give you a chance to build upon the good lessons you prepared during distance learning and clarify your goals for the upcoming year which will likely look different from a typical school year. 

Mike DiNardo
Upper School Principal, Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, MN

The Virtual Learning Academy hosted was well-designed, thoughtful, and a good way to experience professional development in a remote learning world. I think that not only were the sessions helpful, but the design of the meetings was exemplary in helping me think through all the possibilities for teaching and learning and caring for students. 

Jeff Horner
Assessment and Curriculum Coordinator, Whitefield Academy, Smyrna, GA