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Baylor’s Center for School Leadership strives to be the most effective Christian leadership catalyst for educators worldwide.

We believe that cultivating effective leaders is the key to unlocking the potential of every student. That’s why we strive to prepare and nourish the leaders we serve, so they can, in turn, serve their students with excellence.

May 8, 2024
Developing Thriving Learning Communities: How to increase joy and well-being in schools

What if we could lower anxiety, decrease depression, increase classroom engagement, enhance student cognitive endurance, decrease bullying, reduce coordination of substance abuse in unsupervised locations, and give students a chance to engage more deeply in relationships with students and educators? 

May 7, 2024
Great teachers are a gift: Jill Anderson and Jon Eckert

In this episode we flip the script and Jill Anderson interviews Dr. Jon Eckert. They engage in conversation about the profound impact of educators and the importance of recognizing their contributions. Jon tells us inspiring anecdotes of teachers who have made a lasting difference in students' lives, reflecting on the transformative power of kindness and support in education. He even recounts a personal experience from his own schooling, to emphasize the enduring influence of a compassionate teacher.

Apr. 23, 2024
Passion for Learning: Krystle Moos

Krystle emphasizes the importance of addressing distractions and creating a sense of belonging in the classroom, regardless of the evolving landscape of technology. She shares her strategy of making science hands-on and exploratory, moving away from traditional labs towards phenomenon-based learning to spark wonder and curiosity in her students.

Apr. 15, 2024
The Well-Being Myth: Darren + Beck Iselin

Jon interviews two guests from Australia, Darren Iselin and his daughter Beck, about the concept of wellbeing in schools. Beck, a teacher, discusses the increase in mental health issues among her students, such as anxiety and depression, as well as the rise in neurodivergent behaviors. She also shares her observations about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student wellbeing. The conversation highlights the importance of relationships, trust, and cultural norms in fostering student wellbeing and flourishing. They conclude by expressing their hopes for the future of education, including a focus on connection and a joyful hope for student flourishing.

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