Baylor Center for School Leadership

Building Better Schools, Together

Baylor’s Center for School Leadership strives to be the most effective leadership catalyst for educators worldwide.

Our mission is to empower educators to embody Micah 6:8, living a life of justice, kindness, and humility as they equip students to flourish and reflect God’s glory. At BCSL, we believe that cultivating effective leaders is the key to unlocking the potential of every student. That’s why we strive to prepare and nourish the leaders we serve, so they can, in turn, serve their students with excellence.

Join us on this journey, as we partner with the strongest schools worldwide to drive continuous improvement and achieve the best possible outcomes for students, teachers, and schools alike.


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My team attended the Baylor Just Schools Academy. I wanted to thank you for providing this opportunity and conference each year. It was such a joy to see these women share their ideas and dreams. They are setting an example of what it means to lead and to be collaborative. I can't wait to see what the staff is able to accomplish through their leadership.

M’Lissa Howen
Head of School, St. Paul's Episcopal Day School, Waco, TX

The MA in School Leadership program provides opportunities to develop as an educational leader through collaboration with colleagues from a diverse setting. By incorporating opportunities for leaders to develop in their current roles, Baylor's Center for School Leadership has positioned us to use our strengths to enact changes that catapult learning for each student.

Krystle Moos
High School Chemistry Teacher, Midway High School, Waco, TX

The Center for School Leadership at Baylor University connects you to the inspiring MA in School Leadership program, equipping educators and educational leaders to do important work for the Kingdom of God. Education is an important field and this program integrates the Love of God with intentional care for students. 

Eric Bulthuis
Athletic Director, King's Christian Collegiate, Ontario, CA